Our Teachers

We are very lucky at Cambridge Lindy Hoppers to have a broad group of teachers, it is always best to learn from as many different teachers as possible and with Cambridge Lindy Hoppers you can do that all without leaving the city!  They all bring different styles and passions to our classes and make a great contribution to the CLH community.

When attending one of our classes don’t hesitate to ask the teacher if you have any questions regarding the class, they’re also the point of contact on the day if you have and concerns or general questions regarding the event.

We also offer Blues and Balboa classes, some of our teachers you’ll find teaching more than one style, they’re a clever talented bunch!

A number of our teachers are also happy to offer private lessons or classes – please approach them directly or get in touch with the committee via the Contact page if you would like to organise some private teaching.


Lindy Hop

Katherine Hazel

Katherine started swing dancing when she went to Edinburgh University in 2000, and has been addicted ever since. She is one of the founder members of Cambridge Lindy Hoppers, and is also responsible for the creation of a new dance form: Ceilidh hop! Lindy hop has taken her to many exotic locations around the world: Barcelona, Fukuoka, Stockholm….and Manchester to name but a few and she tries to spread her love of swing dancing wherever she goes.


Will Sheldrake

Will found Lindy Hop and never looked back. He is an enthusiastic dancer who you will often find at events in Cambridge as well as further afield often seeking out top teachers from which to learn more about this fantastic dance. Connection, musicality and rhythm are all key aspects that he loves bringing to classes and to try and make everyone as crazy about Lindy Hop and Balboa as he is.

Will can also be found teaching Balboa

Will and Siobhan

Tanika Mei

After being a wannabe hip hop dancer as a teenager, Tanika was taken to her first Lindy Hop class in London by a stranger on Twitter in 2009. She was taken in by the playfulness, emphasis on improvisation and community’s connection to the music and history. The Cambridge Lindy Hoppers have grown in the past 3 years she’s been in Cambridge and she’s excited to see it continue to delight and draw in new dancers.

Alistair Turnbull

Alistair discovered Lindy Hop here in Cambridge in August 2009, and was immediately hooked. He went to Herräng for the first time in 2011, and has gone back every year since then. He can often be found at Lindy Exchanges all over the UK. He likes to study the theoretical side of the dance and will happily ramble on about biophysics or about the combinatorial patterns in hand-to-hand charleston. His dancing style emphasises the rhythms of the music, and clowning around. In January 2013 Alistair started teaching the very classes he himself learnt from, and he wants everybody to have the same fantastic experience he had.

 Alistair Turnbull

Mark Skipper

Mark was the geeky kid at school who avoided dance all his adult life, until he discovered Lindy Hop at The Dog House, San Francisco in 2000. Making up for lost time when he returned to the UK he attended every Swing Dance in London for the next three years, or so it seemed. Along the way, as DJ-Bitterjug, he helped create such legendary events as Urban Swing, Lincoln’s Inn Swing Out, Bomb The Bank and the London Lindy Exchange. Mark combines professional expertise in facilitation and teaching with extraordinary enthusiasm for Lindy Hop and Swinging Jazz music.


Jo Bradley

Jo danced her way though uni, trying ceroc, belly dancing, salsa, ballroom and line dancing until returning to Cambridge and finding lindy hop!  Since then blues, balboa and shag have been added to the list.  The bouncy playful side of lindy hop is something hard to find anywhere else – the chicken peck and crazy legs are my favourite moves!  I have since attended workshops and exchanges in this country and others, including Herräng for the first time in 2015 and I cant wait to go back!


Stephen Pagano

Stephen first experienced swing dancing in 2008 while on holiday in the United States. He has a passion for Jazz and dancing and has attended many national and international dance events to hone his skills.  Stephen also plays and sings in the Last Chance Ragtime Band, which is a band dedicated to playing music for swing dancers.


Lyndon Koens

Lyndon began his Lindy hop journey in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the the friendly scene, he has been hooked ever since. Forever trying to improve his dancing, he loves to learn new moves and techniques which he experiments with in his dance. Arriving in Cambridge, he sought out the Cambridge Lindy hoppers immediately and has been dancing with them ever since.

Paul Wright

Paul turned up to CLH’s social night in a dingy pub back in 2010, looking for a change from ballroom dancing. He stayed to the end of that first night and hasn’t looked back since. If you dance with him (or just near him), you may be lucky enough to experience his singing too.


Lucy Crawford

Lucy first started dancing in 2010 in Newcastle after falling in love with the music of Benny Goodman, and was immediately hooked.  Lucy ran the Newcastle University Swing Society before finding the wonderful people of Cambridge in 2012.  She can be regularly found on the dancefloor with a grin from ear to ear, swivelling!  Ask her to lead or follow, she loves both!

James Stein

James spent some time ballroom dancing before discovering the fun of lindy hop and the UK swing scene in 2008, and moved to Cambridge just at the right time to join our fantastic and friendly scene, which was already outgrowing its first home in the back room of a pub. He enjoys teaching lindy hop and balboa with a sense of humour and an emphasis on the principles that make dancing fun and fascinating, and especially enjoys DJing and dancing to energetic and silly swing tunes whenever possible.

James can also be found teaching Balboa


Shivi Chandna

Shivi decided to try out a taster class in 2011 of what she thought was a strangely named dance called Lindy Hop . Soon she found herself dancing 4 nights a week and trying Lindy moves to Vanilla Ice and James Brown.   Lindy made her fall in love with swing music,  Blues, solo dancing , DJ-ing but most importantly forming  life-long friendships.   The strong musicality and fun aspects of the dance are especially exciting to her and she loves sharing that with others during a dance, solo jam or in a class!



Maris Vainre

Maris ended up at a weekly CLH taster class through a series of random events just weeks after moving to Cambridge. Alone and therefore determined that she cannot make a fool of herself (no-one knew her anyway), she blended right in with the cheerful, welcoming, and silliness-loving folk. Then came the blues, the dance that is. And balboa.

Maris is most fascinated by the rhythm, subtleties and connection that lead to a constant play of independence and interdependence between partners.

Maris can also be found teaching Lindy Hop




Becky Garvey

Bec started Lindy hopping in 2010 when she moved to Cambridge and lost her heart to Balboa one fateful day in Leeds after a taster class at a swing exchange. After one too many journeys to classes further afield, Dusty Shoes was born in 2014, giving our growing band of Balboa teachers the opportunity to share this wonderful dance with our local scene.


Past & Visiting Teachers

Cambridge Lindy Hoppers originally started with Lindy Hop classes from the amazing Matt and Lotte Riddle.  Since they departed Cambridge we have had many wonderful teachers, some of whom come back to visit, dance and teach with us from time to time.  We thank them all for enriching our scene!