I have been a member of the Cambridge Lindy Hoppers for many years,  been a committee member for several of them and have enjoyed every minute.  I am an enthusiastic Lindy Hopper, I am part of the Lindy Hop teaching team in Cambridge and you will often find me at dances and workshops in Cambridge, the UK and around the world.

Cambridge Lindy Hoppers is vibrant, friendly, energetic and enthusiastic society;  I fully expect it to continue putting on fabulous events for it’s wonderful dancers and everyone who visits us.




CLH’ers are a friendly and fantastic community through which I’ve benefited from considerably since moving to Cambridge. To give something back, I’m keen to support the committee in maintaining and growing a vibrant swing-dance scene for new and existing dancers alike


Vice President and Safety Secretary 2017/18

I moved to Cambridge in 2011 and was drawn to CLH by the prospect of swing music, swirly skirts, and lovely people.

I’ve been well and truly bitten by the swing bug  and am looking forward to contributing to another year full of great classes, social dances and events for you all. I’m delighted to see, and be part of the start of a Balboa scene in Cambridge as well, and am keen to see this continue to go from strength to strength.



Blues Secretary

I would sincerely love to see ‘Cambridge Lindy Hoppers’  continue to grow and be the best that it possibly can be. I am very creative, enjoy dealing with people and use these attributes to CLH’s advantage. I love to contribute to the organising, running and marketing of future events, whether it be workshops, CLX or general social events we put on through out the year.



Social Secretary

I’ve always loved dancing and when I discovered Lindy a few months ago, I completely fell in love and now all I want to do is Lindy! The classes and social dancing events also gave me an opportunity to meet some awesome new people and make great new friends. You’ll probably see/hear me bouncing around the dance floor on Tuesday nights – Lindy gives me so much energy and happiness. So if you see a short, blonde, loud and crazy Hungarian don’t hesitate to ask her for a dance!



I love to help out wherever I can, and introduce people to the wonderful world of swing dancing. I’m pretty good at remembering dates (as many people in classes have found out), and used to be an events organiser!





I first saw Cambridge Lindy Hoppers out on the streets dancing in Cambridge shortly after I first arrived. It looked so much fun! Several years later I started coming along and have loved it so much. Now it’s hard to drag me off the dance floor!It’s well worth trying whether you’ve danced for years or never before – come along and see what all the fuss is about! We’re a friendly bunch!


Safety Secretary 2017/18

Having been dancing swing for a number of years I have enjoyed many events laid on by the committee and now appreciate the opportunity to do my part in keeping the society functioning to such a high standard.



Balboa Secretary

I caught the first glimpse of the Cambridge Lindy Hoppers during one of those jazz on the green events one summer and remembered that I always wanted to be able to dance to jazz/swing music. An opportunity presented itself there and I’ve been dancing with CLH since.